Hi there, we are a new DEV Team hoping to make new amazing and original games for everyone to enjoy! We are driven towards taking community feedback and making a close connection with our fans.

The name "CubikFall" originated from a personal project made by Christian Preziose, a close friend of mine ( “Anthony Pollina” ) in an effort to learn how to code. We both have a passion for video games, have been life long friends, and he has also played a huge role in inspiring me on making my own game. To do this I formed a team via Reddit, and the team of CubikFall Games was born!

He and I began working together on the small project known as “CubikFall”, and making “memes” and jokes about a small and simple little game that evidently made a big impact on us both and others involved with wanting to play the game. It has become such a legacy to me, inspiring me to name my very own DEV Team after his creation.

Anthony Pollina

  • Creator of CubikFall Games CEO / Lead Designer / Community Manager

Christian Preziose

  • Creator of the original game “CubikFall”

We love games!

We are a group of passionate gamers who love both playing and creating fun experiences!

CubikFall Games is the result of a lot of crazy ideas and passion. Our goal is to have fun, while making and publishing great products.
We believe that if we enjoy making our games, that positive energy will shine through in the final product.

Our team consists of a great mix of talented, ambitious and problem solving people, and we’re growing slowly but surely. You can check out all of their wonderful faces here:


The Team:

Michael Waraksa
Lead Programmer

Austin Strout
Art Director / Character Animator

April Leckie
Community Manager / Environmental Artist

Sebastian Blanco G.
3D Character Modeler / Environmental Artist / Texture Artist

Troy Cucchi
Character / general animator



Terry Luciano

Franciszek Radecki
Concept Artist