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You’re the player, a happy little Cube Boi who wanders aimlessly about his homeland. Unbeknownst to him, his world has become a target of an asteroid attack. You're scared, but that’s okay. This is your home not some stupid space rocks, take it back.

As the Cubes Fall, a hero rises!


  • Intense & Strategic

  • Retro Art Style

  • Old Fashion Inspired

  • App Store

  • Google Play Store

  • Power-Ups

  • Customization



CubikFall was once a simple game made in the engine known as GameMaker: Studio. The game was meant to be simplistic and exactly what Christian was aiming as he was trying to learn how to code his first and very own game.

CubikFall is being remade from the ground up and the art is being revamped while also keeping the same and similar look! The game will be made for mobile devices with the help of CubikFall Games!


The Redux

The Redux of CubikFall has adopted a much cleaner and polished art style. Made possible by our great artists. The new game will include a surplus of functionality.

New power ups and customization characters are only a few of the things that we have in store for our blocky little hero!