Dev Blog #5

ZEDZ: Defense

ZEDZ is a third person shooter and tower defense game, with a rpg twist. Our project has been in production now for almost two whole months! Things are starting to come together and we are making great progress.



  • We started working on the basic Menu and UI System / Displaying Single Player Mode, Multiplayer along with a Join Lobby function and Create Lobby.

  • We began reworking some AI Mechanics to make gameplay feel more fluid and dynamic. Our original system was to have AI’s form crowds and having selected a leader of the group / horde, they will set there main focus to share amongst the group. Thus deciding whether they want to attack the Player, Specific Target, or Defenses place by the player.


  • We plan to do some temporary UI Placement for testing purposes.

  • Implementing the interact and generic class picking.

  • Repairing & Upgrading Structures

  • Opening Shops and Currency Functions

  • Inventory and Storage

  • Player Interactions / Stat Buffs


  • We've modeled a player character, the basic enemy, and are halfway through the tank zombie, as well as getting some variant work done for the grunts so they don't look too similar.

  • Environment work has had some hitches but we should be finishing the barn in the next week and getting the new artist on more primary env work once he's done with the basic turret.

  • Plan of action is just to crank out as much work as we can. characters: tank then bloater then ambivalently work on variant pieces while we do more player character models.

  • Finish the base action set for the grunt zombie and work on tweaking the assault animations.


For those of you who didn’t know, we are on ‘Social Media’! Follow us on Twitter, Youtube and even join our steam group where we will actively being posting information and updates or even responding FAQ’s and much more like showing off Concept Art and events!

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