Dev Blog #3


Hitting Milestones!


Our official website for “CubikFall Games” is now up and running fully functional and more additions coming soon. We will be using our webpage as more formal way of letting you all know information about us as Dev Team and more details about what games we are working on along with some news, and updates! If you would like to be an insider and follow our development on projects and more you can sign up here via email. By subscribing to our mailing list you can keep up to date with our progress and much more!




ZEDZ has been in production now for almost a whole month! Things are starting to come together and we are making great progress.



  • Highly modular Design based on polymorphism to cut development time

  • Global Sound engine, cuts loading times and reduces system resource usage, while allowing advanced functions to be accessed easily and quickly

  • Library System, to allow rapid deployment of new enemies, weapons, ammunition and towers

  • XML support, to leave open modding possibilities in the future and make tweaking and balancing easy

  • Day 1 Steam Networking integration, and consistent testing, to ensure the game will launch with a stable and reliable framework for Co-op play



  • Turret Variety, Introducing more towers, mechanics and interaction with zombies

  • Zombie AI upgrades and Variety, Introducing more Zombies, ensuring they interact with each other in interesting ways

  • Zombie Horde AI, Ability for zombie’s to elect a leader and have it calculate paths for the entire group’s formation, zombies that are blocked from following the leader’s path will interact with what they are blocked by

  • UI Upgrades, Ammo/Turret Wheel, Inventory System etc

  • Weapon Stat Randomizations



We have officially started working on map concepts and assets for our level designs. Soon we will have something to show off to you all, but as of right now, our very talented

Our concept artist has started working on a map that will take you, the player, to ‘The Farm’ after leaving the safety of your Bunker. There will be some experimenting with the map creation as the predicted map size will be roughly [100 meters] to give the player(s) enough space to freely navigate throughout the level while also placing your own defensive structures like turrets, barricades, and traps.




For those of you who didn’t know, we are on Social Media! Follow us on Twitter, Youtube and even join our steam group where we will actively being posting information and updates or even responding FAQ’s and much more like showing off Concept Art and events!


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