Dev Blog #4

Going Strong!

ZEDZ: Defense

ZEDZ is a third person shooter and tower defense game, with a rpg twist. Our project has been in production now for almost two whole months! Things are starting to come together and we are making great progress.



  • Introduced several Target Selection modes for Turrets that can be toggled through for each turret

  • Animate turrets to look at their targets when Firing.

  • Synchronize Turret building and destruction during Co-op play

  • XML support, to leave open modding possibilities in the future and make tweaking and balancing easy

  • Day 1 Steam Networking integration, and consistent testing, to ensure the game will launch with a stable and reliable framework for Co-op play

  • Library System, to allow rapid deployment of new enemies, weapons, ammunition and towers

  • Tower Backend Overhaul: This is the upgrade for the towers that allow them to be instantiated, and work independently of each other, as well as a basic target selection process that has a low CPU footprint

  • Tower Graphics Upgrade + Bullet Rendering System: This changes the tower form being a motionless cube, to instead using a 2 part model(Base and Gun) like our final graphics are, while the current graphics are crude, they directly translate to use with the final models. Bullet rendering, adds bullets to the game, they aren't used for aiming, but instead are essentially tracers, and support the group/formation system for different gun types such as flamethrowers and shotguns

  • Tower Target Selection (6 Styles): This is the update to the tower AI that utilizes the previous backend upgrades that lowered CPU footprint and levies that to allow more complex target selection protocols for turrets

  • Building Index: This is the framework that needed to be put in place, much like the Zombie Index to allow buildings to function over network play, it also allows potential limitations or upgrades to the turrets on a global scale instead of individual. Such as "Only X towers may exist at a time", "All towers deal double damage for 1 minutes", "All walls are fully healed for X cost", etc

  • Animations now correspond to character skeleton making implementing much more simpler.


  • Introduce the Horde system into the AI, and have them path based on it

  • Add walls and other temporary obstacles that update the Node system on creation and destruction(this needs to be added to towers as well)

  • Deploy the upgraded versions of the level design tools

  • Rework the UI to be more intuitive


Progress on animations have been coming along well, we’ve added some placeholder animations to our test scenes and applied them to our Character RIG to see if things would work. We ran into some minor issues but in the end things worked out perfectly, and now we are having our animations put into perspective so everything should be coming along smoothly for the following weeks to come.


We have finished working on our base model for the Assault Character and finished texturing. We plan to have at least 3 zombie characters fully modeled sometime this month. Character concepts, map concepts, and assets are all in progress.


For those of you who didn’t know, we are on ‘Social Media’! Follow us on Twitter, Youtube and even join our steam group where we will actively being posting information and updates or even responding FAQ’s and much more like showing off Concept Art and events!

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