Dev Blog #8 - Core Features

Dev Blog #8 - Core Features

ZEDZ is a third person shooter and tower defense game, with a rpg twist.

Wow time flies when you’re keeping busy! (something about fun in there too?) We’re back with some cool new models and characters to show you! Join our discord to keep up to date:

First things first, I’d like to introduce you to quite possibly THE most important thing in the entire ZEDZ universe… The Core!

The Core is the key to stopping the plague of ZEDZ that are trying to destroy you

The Core is the key to stopping the plague of ZEDZ that are trying to destroy you

This guy here is your ticket to saving the world - so you’d better look after it! This is where the souls of defeated enemies will be stored, souls that you can then use to upgrade your arsenal and abilities. Unlocking these upgrades will be key if you want to survive the onslaught of zedz headed your way.

Some New Faces:

Meet the light class. What she lacks in health, she makes up in speed! Zip in and out of the fray with some rapid fire weapons thrown in for good measure.

Light on her feet

Light on her feet


Meet the heavy class: This big boi can take a hit and bounce right back. You’ll see him leading the defense against hordes of ZEDZ, though he’ll need some backup fire power!

Definitely not light on his feet

Definitely not light on his feet

We’ve also decided to go ahead and create all of our own custom animations rather than using pre-made ones. This will be a bit more time consuming, but will give us complete control over how the animations work, and allow us to really polish up the game experience!

Other things we’ve been up to:


  • Tank enemy animations

  • Bloater enemy animations

  • Inventory management system

  • Streamlined zombie pathing

  • Building prefabs generated

  • Cleaned up a lot of code

  • Fixed character controller

  • Shifted to new AK weapon model

  • New sound effects

  • Refined circle UI for building defenses

  • Bullet system added

  • Ragdoll hit detection added

  • Some touch ups to enemy behaviours

Up Next:

  • Finish up test build - Join our discord to try it out when it’s ready!

  • More animations for the new characters

  • Bloater explosions - animations, models and textures

  • More concepts for weapons, bosses and new levels

  • Add new custom sound effects

  • Basic VFX for prototype build

  • Eat Brains

Before you go, enjoy this fine selection of character and enemy animations!


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