Tower Defense

Announcing our new project: [ZEDZ: DEFENSE]


ZEDS: DEFENSE is a new and exciting third person shooter and tower defense game, with a RPG twist. Choose a class, grab some friends, and head out to take on an army of ZEDZ to save the world.


Four years ago, a spelunker wandered through a mysterious cave, and came across an artifact. Curious, he picked it up. As soon as his fingers touched the cold material, a wave of despair ran through him, and shocked, he dropped it.

A strange blue gas rose from the shattered remains of the artifact encompassing the man and transforming him into The Necromancer. His evil presence flooded the entire planet, sucking the life out of all of those he came across, and driving the world into a bleak darkness.

You are one of the few remaining survivors on the planet. It is up to you to rid the world of The Necromancers’ death and destruction. Can you survive and defend what little humanity has left?

(Story subject to change)